Saturn Space Hotel: The Mystery of the Missing Plans


Our Solution

"Ok then," you say calmly, "Mr Simon Hayes."
He looks straight at you. You notice he is fidgeting. "You might have done it because you wanted your company to be the only ones who would be able to build the machine."
"Never in a million years would I want to steal that machine!" he cries at you.
"You could have wanted the plans because you could have made the machine and your company famous," you say. "We only have your word that you were in the dining room at the time the plans were stolen." You put your hands in front of you to protect you if Mr Hayes tries to attack you. Luckily he doesn't.
"You were seen leaving the conference hall where the plans were kept," you say.
"I didn't steal them," he shouts.
"Luckily," you say, "the hotel manager has said that the plans were still inside when you left."