Saturn Space Hotel: The Mystery of the Missing Plans
You are interviewing Mr Simon Hayes

"Why have you come to the conference," you ask Mr Simon Hayes.
He answers by saying, "Well… er… I offered him lots of money." He was shivering with a croaking voice while he was speaking saying something like, "I offered him plenty of money" "So I…I…I…I…," he murmurs.
You tell him to stop jibbering and you tell him to spit out what ever he could.
He tries again saying, "I am here because… because… I offered him lots of money for the machine. I.. I.. I didn't, er, do anything wrong. I.. I… just offered him money but still he wouldn't give me the machine."
You still do not know whether to believe him. For all you know this could be nonsense but no one would come to the conference for nothing.