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Sir Thomas
Compiled from descriptions by Yin Fung Chan and Kimberly Broadhurst

Sir Thomas of Camelot has curly brown hair which sticks up a bit. He has a long cloak which nearly touches his feet. He is tall and is about 6 foot and 5 inches. He is kind of ugly, has very dark blue eyes. He has criss-cross laces which keep his shoes on and which touch his knees. He's very skinny. He has long boots, a furry long cloak.

He likes to use a bow and arrows for his weapon. Sir Thomas of Camelot is kind of clever really because he can get his bow and arrow in the target of something. He is sometimes very grumpy. He is really polite to people he sees only his enemies he doesn't. He is very dumb in maths and things.

Sir Thomas of Camelot is very good at aiming all his bow arrows in the middle of a tree.

Sir Thomas of Camelot is bad at fighting because he is better on bow and arrows and is not trained to fight with people.