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Sir Martin
Compiled from descriptions by Martin Delaney, Martin Smith, Sarah Price, Stephanie Jackson, Roxanne Hickton, Cheryl Trigger and Jamie Sproston.

Sir Martin is a strong, bold knight who works for King Arthur. He is tall and strong. He has a very deep voice. He has light blue eyes and he is very healthy indeed. His face looks calm and he looks bored. Sir Martin wears big brass armour. He has a gold plated helmet. His helmet is covered with diamonds and it has got two big golden eagle wings sticking out at the side of it. The knight has dark long silky black hair that reaches his shoulders. He wears dark shimmering armour and chain mail covering his arms and legs. He wears a creamy coloured belt with a massive buckle on it. It has curly decorations on it. Sir Martin wears a white cloak which is very valuable and a white glowing diamond button to keep it together. His cape has got pictures of swords around it. He has got rough metal boots that are really helpful. They help him to grip to sloppy or sluggy surfaces. His boots are black and he wears them up to his knees. He is very kind to other people. He has a golden ring on his finger.

He likes jousting with his own special spear which is about four metres long. He is very good at trying to attack a person. Sir Martin is good at jousting and his is good at fighting on his horse. His horse is very good and he has brown fur. Sometime Sir Martin is cheeky to the other knights.

He has a bold, solom face. He looks lonely, sad and bored. He thinks he is a real wimp but he isn't. He has no friends. He likes to try and be brave but he is already brave.