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Sir Duncan
Compiled from descriptions by Jemma Halden, Amy Forrester and Sarah Parker

Sir Duncan of Camelot has blue eyes and brown hair. Sir Duncan is very tall and he has got piercing eyes. He is very clever and he is really brave. He looks moody, nasty, a bit unkind, tall, brave and looks tough. Sir Duncan is brave, tough, mean.

Sir Duncan is good at fighting, jousting, swimming in lakes or ponds or rivers. Sir Duncan isn't good at taking baths or fighting wild boar.

He doesn't like killing people but he does when he has to. His weakness is being defeated. He can't stand it if he has been defeated or badly hurt. He is a very active person and he is always fighting or saving people from danger. Duncan is a very heroic person. He saves about two thousand people a year. He tricks people a lot which makes him very cunning and clever.

Sir Duncan wears a shiny and metallic suit with a hard hat. His face is pure natural. He has got very long arms. Sir Duncan is a thin person and his hands are chapped. He thinks he is very wise and intelligent.

He is kind, trusting and lucky. King Arthur thinks Sir Duncan is brilliant and muscular and most of all brave and adventurous. He is very good at throwing on his target and beating humans when fighting. I think he needs to practise more climbing crumbling cliffs and beating wild beasts on his own because he can't do it very well. I think he is a good knight and so does King Arthur. He gets shy when he sees someone he knows or in front of a girl he gets soppy and everything.