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Sir Callum
Compiled from descriptions by Jahida Begum, Larissa Keen, Liam Murray, Lee Turner, Rebecca Griffiths and Mathew Finch.

Sir Callum is a kind, bold person who works for King Arthur in Camelot. Sir Callum is a tall and brave knight. He has a tall pointed helmet with a picture of a lion on it which is bright gold. He has silver black heavy chain armour (which shines when the sun shines) with metal rings around it and the helmet covers his eyes. He has a shield and black chain boots. He has a sword with a sharp hilt on the end. He puts the sword in a scabbard to keep it safe. He has a patterned scabbard. The blade is in the middle of the sword. It is decorated with little patterns on it. He has a sharp bladed axe shaped like a bell that is two metres long. He's got a spear that you joust with. It is sharp and it is 6 foot 5.

He listens everytime King Arthur tells him to go on a quest. He wears a black belt on his hip. The knight is very tough and kind to people. Sir Callum is brave and bold. He is very good at listening to people. The brave knight rides a horse. He is clever at riding them then jumping off them. He is quite good with his sword and he's very good at fighting. He is good at traps and rescuing people. He is bad at killing animals. He is bad at killing dragons. He's bad at swimming and running. He's the kind of person who likes working. He thinks he's smart and cool.