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Chapter 9:
Sir Marshall and the Mysterious Diamond

Plot by Mr Cockcroft's Class
Story written by James Bush and Mark Gerrard

Hello. My name is Sir Marshall. Would you like me to tell you about one of my adventures?

One day King Arthur wanted me to return a mysterious diamond to Camelot. He didn't tell me what he wanted it for. The first day searching I was caught in the middle of a terrible storm. It was a monsoon. The storm flooded the lake. I was fighting for my life. I quickly scrambled up a tree. The tree gave way but my luck was with me. The tree was floating! It was unbelievable. I made it across the lake. I thought Sir Thomas was dead when I saw his horse. I used Sir Thomas' horse to cross the big black forest. I found a cave and I went inside it. A bear jumped out in front of me. I quickly dived off the horse. The bear bit Sir Thomas' horse. The horse had a heart attack because it was so scared. I grabbed my sword out of my scabbard and I shoved it into the bear's heart. The bear fell to the ground dead.

I found Sir Thomas chained to a wall. He looked very skinny. I tried to rescue Sir Thomas but a monster came along. Oh and these gargoyles came out of the wall. It was really scary. Then I quickly cut open the monster's belly. Inside the monster's belly was the diamond I was after. I grabbed the diamond then a flash of sunlight melted the gargoyles. The sunlight burnt my map, though! I thought, "How am I going to get back to Camelot?" I ran back to Sir Thomas and used my sword to set him free. We found a river we couldn't get across. I threw the diamond in frustration and the diamond turned into a boat. I said, "It really must be a magical diamond!" We got in the boat and we were teleported back to Camelot. Then when we got back to Camelot it turned into a diamond again. King Arthur and the rest of the knights were so pleased.

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