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Chapter 8:
Sir Thomas and the Lady in the Tower

Plot by Mr Cockcroft's Class
Story written by Kim Broadhurst, Sarah Parker and Yin Fung Chan

Hello,my name is Sir Thomas. I'm a knight. I don't have full armour. I have a bow and arrows for my weapon. King Arthur had sent me on a quest to rescue a lady from a tower.

I had to leave Camelot, on my horse, in very bad weather. I went into the woods and saw a pack of wolves. The wolves surrounded me and my horse. I got my bow and arrow and got ready to kill one of the wolves. It was dark in the woods. I found two pieces of wood on the grassy ground. I rubbed them together and threw them on the wolves. I jumped over the wolves and looked at the wolf that the fire landed on. The wolf did not survive and died. All the other wolves ran off. Me and my horse galloped away.

Then we came to a river. My horse tried to jump over it but it didn't make it. We both fell in. When I got my head over the surface I suddenly heard Merlin's voice saying:

"Look all around,
Look on the ground,
And you will never drown."

Then in a flash I was on the land, except for one thing my horse. I saw it floating away in the river. I walked away from the river. Two hours later I saw a knight. The knight came up to me. He said in a deep voice, "I am the evil knight, Rancor. You are trespassing. Go back to where you came from or die."

Of course I had to rescue the lady so I kept on walking forward. Suddenly Rancor kicked me on my leg. Now then that was a sign that he wanted to fight. I jumped on a tree. I got an egg and chucked it on his face. Then I quickly got my bow and arrow. Guess what I did next. I aimed it at his eye. Bulls-eye! I got it. Blood started coming out. I decided to get on with my journey. I could still hear his screams. When they stopped I knew he was dead. Many days later I finally found the tower. I found the entrance but it was locked. I got out my bow and four arrows. I shot them at the door. One on each side. Then I realised there was an axe on the floor. I picked it up and knocked down the door. There were no stairs so I went outside. I had a rope and I climbed up the tower, only halfway I got hit by an arrow. I fell to the ground. Luckily it hit the side of my knife. I was so startled that I fell down. There was a wizard there. Arthur had shown me a picture of this wizard and said that I had to battle him before I rescued the lady. He said that I had to say his name, Shelock,3 times in front of him. So I said his name 3 times and he screamed. He got mad really quick. I punched him when he wasn't looking. That started the fight. Before a wolf had scratched me, so I was hurt. Ten minutes later I found out that I had many bad wounds and I had won. I rescued the lady from the tower. On my way back to Camelot, though, I was so tired that I collapsed.

I think that perhaps my friend, Sir Marshall, should continue the tale here.

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