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Chapter 7:
Sir Duncan's Quest for the Magic Pearl

Plot by Mr Cockcroft's Class
Story written by Amy Forrester and Jemma Halden

Good afternoon. My name is Sir Duncan of Camelot. I will tell you one of my adventures.

Arthur sent me to find a magical pearl. I had to find a lake and when I found the lake it was guarded by a sea serpent. The sea serpent was a fearsome creature with big red eyes. He had scaly skin with slime on it. He had big sharp claws.It was very cold weather and I was hungry and tired but my armour kept me warm. The sea serpent was a very powerful creature. Suddenly a lady rose out of the deep murky lake. She had short blonde hair. She was wearing a white gown. After quite a while I stabbed the sea serpent and he was dead.

I threw my sharp pointed spear at her hand and knocked the pearl out of it. She dropped the gleaming pear and I found it and picked it up. When I picked it up I looked at the lady and she had a piercing look in here eyes. I travelled home to Camelot. It was still very cold and I was still hungry when I got back to Camelot. I was rewarded with a golden suit of armour but I'd never wear it because it was too expensive. Do you know what was going through my mind when I was fighting the sea serpent? I had anger in me, because the lady wouldn't give me the magical pearl. I though I've got to get that pearl and I got it and I never gave up.

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