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Chapter 6:
Sir William and the Dark Knight

Plot by the class
Story written by Annmarie Hadaway, Shane Broadhurst, Kyle Alcott, Lee Welch, Emma Kennedy and Karen Foster.

I am Sir William and I am a strong and brave knight. I would like to tell you about my adventure.

King Arthur told me to go and rescue a lady. She was locked up in a tall tower. The Dark Knight put the lady in the top of the castle. The lady was very scared of the Dark Knight.

I went through the woods and a giant tough bear attacked me. The bear was behind a tree. It scared me when the bear attacked my horse and ripped it all apart. I fell off the horse and badly hurt myself. The bear tried to kill me. I got out my sword from my belt and I stabbed the bear in the stomach. I killed the bear.

I walked on ahead. I needed to cross a river to get to the tower. The river was too wide because it was flooded. It was very deep. I can't swim! I climbed up the tree. I took out the reins from my horse and I tied them around the branches of the tree. Then I swung across the river.

I saw the castle. There was a big Dark Knight guarding the castle gates so I couldn't get in it. I went to the side of the castle. I saw a window. It was open. I shouted, "Lady! Please come to the window."

The lady heard me and she came to the window. She had long blonde hair. She was thin. She had a long red leather dress on.

"Can you please catch this rope?" I said. I threw the rope up and she didn't catch it. I threw it up again. I screamed at her, "Catch this rope!" She caught the rope and I climbed up the rope. The Dark Knight was behind the lady. I had shouted so loud that the Dark Knight had heard me! I pushed the Dark Knight and we started to climb down the rope. The Dark Knight cut the rope into two pieces. We swung across the side of the tower and smashed through a window.

We didn't really cut ourselves but I cut my hands a little bit. The Dark Knight came running down the stairs after us. The Knight came to the door and I slammed the door in his face and knocked him out.

We ran down the stairs and the Dark Knight came running after us. We got to the river. The lady jumped into the river. I said I couldn't swim. So the lady said, "Jump into the river and I will hold your hand and you can swim with me."

We found two horses at the other side of the river and we jumped onto the two horses and rode back to Camelot.

When we got back, in the morning, we got married.

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