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Chapter 5:
The tale of Sir Mildred

Plot by the class
Story written by Stephen Johnson, James Entwistle, Simon Everall, Adam Lightfoot, Tawhid, Colin Harris and Matthew Ko.

Hello. My name is Sir Mildred. Do you want me to tell you a story about myself?

Sir Pellinore, my brother, is a knight and I wanted to be a knight too. I couldn't become a knight because I am a girl. So I wanted to prove that I was capable to be a knight. I went and asked King Arthur if I could become a knight. He said I could only become one if I could do three tasks that no one else could do.

My first task was to get rid of a fierce green, slimy dragon. The dragon was in Camelot. The dragon came because he smelt and saw the gleam of gold there. King Arthur had told a few brave knights to go and get rid of it but they never succeeded. So King Arthur asked me if I could get rid of it. Everyone thought that I wouldn't be able to do it. I wanted to prove them wrong.

I crept silently out of the castle doors. I was carrying gold in my hands and I was dropping it as I was walking. The dragon followed the trail of gold. I led the dragon to the edge of the lake. I had a dummy man filled with poison in a boat in the middle of the lake. There were a few more pieces of gold in the boat. I ran and hid behind some bushes. I saw the dragon hover over the boat. He saw the dummy of a man and he thought that the man was trying to steal his precious gold. The dragon swooped down quickly and ate the man in one gulp. The poison got to him. He fell with a huge splash into the lake never to be heard of or seen again.

That was the end of my first task. Then I went and told King Arthur that the gold was safe. King Arthur was amazed! He thought that I couldn't have done it. They really didn't want a woman to become a knight so King Arthur sent me off to do another task.

King Arthur sent me to find the magic ring. It was a hard task that nobody had done before. The task was hard because the ring was deep underwater in a hard stiff shell. Nobody had succeeded in recovering the ring because they couldn't hold their breath long enough.

I was clever. I made a long tube out of the bark from a tree. I was there for hours building it. Then I finally finished it. I jumped into the water with the tube. It was only just long enough. I put one end of the tube in my mouth and started breathing through it. I saw a sparkle inside a shell on the bottom of the ocean. I swam down to the sparkle in a sunken battle ship.

At first I couldn't enter the ship, but I saw a hole at the side of the ship and I swam through. I let go of the bark and held my breath as I got the shell. I got a piece of the wreckage from the ship and prized open the shell a little at a time until it cracked open. All the while I was going back to the tube for air.I grabbed the magic ring and swam quickly to the surface of the ocean. I climbed out and got on my horse and rode proudly back to Camelot with the magic ring, which I gave to King Arthur. King Arthur was impressed, but he sent me on another task immediately. The task was to joust with my own brother Sir Pellinore!

I was scared of jousting with my own brother Sir Pellinore because he might've hurt me because he is the best jouster in the land. I asked King Arthur if I could speak to Merlin in private. King Arthur said, "Yes." I went to speak with Merlin and asked him if I could have a sleeping potion. Merlin asked why. I explained why I needed it and Merlin said, "Okay you can have it at dawn."

So I met him where the jousting competition was taking place and he gave it me. Then next morning I got ready for the joust. I got on my horse and charged at my brother with the potion in my spear. I got him with the potion and he fell off his horse with a big bang.

Then everyone cheered at me. I went to King Arthur. He was impressed that I could beat my brother in a house and he got some armour, a sword and a shield for me. I put them on and then I became one of King Arthur's knights.

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