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Chapter 4:
Sir Martin and the Apples of Courage

Plot by the class
Story written by Stephanie Jackson, Sarah Price, Martin Smith, Jamie Sproston, Martin Delaney and Cheryl Trigger.

Hello, my name is Sir Martin.

I thought I wasn't brave. I knew I wasn't brave enough to become a knight for King Arthur. I asked Merlin the magician what would give me courage and he said that eating the Apples of Courage would make me brave and strong. Merlin told me that the Apples of Courage were growing on a tree on top of a gigantic cliff. I went on a quest to find the Apples of Courage to prove to myself that I could become true knight.

Merlin told me that to get to the cliff I would have to go through a long wide dark cold gloomy cave. When I walked in the cave I heard lots of hissing sounds coming from in front of me. As soon as I got inside the cave the mouth of the cave slammed closed behind me. I was worried and terrified but I wouldn't give up. I couldn't go back even if I wanted to anyway!

As I walked through the cave the hissing noise got louder and louder. It was very dark in the cave. I couldn't see a single thing. I put my foot forward but I couldn't find the ground. So I stepped back very quickly. I saw lots of glowing eyes looking up at me. They were at the bottom of a pit. I thought they were snakes! I tried to look for the wall. I felt to the side of me and I hit something hard and rock solid. I stepped forward and I put my back against the wall. I walked sideways very slowly and carefully. I got to the other side. I thought the scary part was over.

A gust of wind came past me and just after I heard a big growl. I could feel hot air on my face.

I thought it was a bear. I panicked and drew out my sword. I slashed my sword in front of me but nothing was there. The growling kept going on. I walked on a few steps and I could see some blurred pale white transparent people walking towards me. They were right in front of me. I thought they were ghosts. I closed my eyes and ran through the ghosts very quickly. I felt really cold and chilly. I saw a blinding light. It was the end of the cave. I ran fast towards the light. I was so glad to see day again.

When I was out of the cave I saw this old man and he said to me, "If you pick the right bottle you will have the map to the Apples of Courage. But if you pick the wrong bottle it is deadly poison." So I picked one and the one I picked was the one with wine in. The old man said, "Here's the map."

I walked on. I was going to turn around to say thank you but the old man wasn't there. He had disappeared. I found a horse tied up to a tree. I got on it. I looked at the map. It looked really weird. I had to ride through a dark wood to get to the cliff.

I jumped off my horse and I started to climb up the cliff but the stones were really loose and each one I stepped on fell. It was close but I didn't fall and I reached the top safely. I looked for the tree and I found it but there were no apples there. I felt really disappointed and I felt like jumping off the cliff because I came all this way for nothing. Someone put their arm around me. It was my old friend Merlin, "There are no apples of courage because you don't need them." Merlin told me all of the snakes and ghosts were illusions. The growl was him and the cold feeling was a gust of wind. "Remember the old man?" Merlin asked. "That was me in disguise!" Merlin explained, "I thought you needed a challenge.You didn't come here for nothing because you have proved to yourself that you are brave and you can become a knight for King Arthur."

I rode back to Camelot and King Arthur knighted me with his sword and I became Sir Martin, Knight of the Round Table.

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