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Chapter 3:
Sir Callum and the Magic Knife

Plot by the class
Story written by Jahida Begum, Mathew Finch, Lee Turner, Liam Murray Larissa Keen & Rebecca Griffiths.

Good evening. My name is Sir Callum. I am a knight of the Round Table at Camelot who works for King Arthur. I will tell you a story about myself.

This is my story. I went on a journey three weeks ago. King Arthur had sent me on a quest to find a magic knife. King Arthur needed the knife to help him defeat his enemies. King Arthur told me that it was in a cave in the north-east.

I knew that the only way to get there would be to go on the dangerous path through Gloomy Forest.

It was dark, blustery and very misty. It was foggy and night time. It started very quiet but suddenly a pack of wolves surrounded me and my horse. One of the wolves bit my horse's leg and pulled it to the ground. I fell off my horse. I was panicking because I was worried that they might kill me as well for their supper. I was walking backwards. Something clung onto me and stopped me moving. It was a wolf! I pulled my sword out of my scabbard. I raised my sword and tried to kill it. More wolves were about to jump on me. I kicked at some with my feet. I kept on praying that I wouldn't die. I was thinking of my wife and children.

I heard noises coming from the west. The noises got louder and louder. I suddenly noticed that it was a pack of knights come to rescue me.

Sir William, King Arthur, Sir Martin and some other knights used torches to scare the wolves away. Wolves hate fire.

The ground shook and we saw a brown and yellow dragon coming towards us. He looked like he hadn't eaten for months. I told the Knights that the fire must've attracted the dragon.

The dragon blew fire. King Arthur said, "Let's get out of here. We'll be killed if we stay here." The knights decided to try and get some water to put the dragon's fire out.

I ran back into the woods as fast as I could. A lot of branches were on the ground so it was very difficult to run. I tripped over a branch and suddenly my leg was filled with pain and I was injured badly. My leg was trapped in a bear-trap. I heard footsteps getting nearer and nearer. I was panicking. I felt shivers in the ground. The trees were on fire! It was the dragon!


"Oh no!" I thought. I thought that I was going to be eaten by the horrible dragon. The dragon had a wicked look. His eyes were scrunched up and full of fire. I had an idea. I pulled my sword out and I threw it into the dragon's neck. The dragon was bleeding flames! The dragon turned a deathly green. It tried to pull the sword out of it's neck. It fell onto the trap and set me free from the trap. I saw that my sword was broken into pieces.

I walked on for miles eventually I got to the mountains. I saw a cave. I went in to the cave. All the walls of the cave were made out of diamond. The diamonds were polished like mirrors. It was hard to walk through the cave because it seemed like it never ended. It was very bright.

Suddenly I heard a noise. It sounded like a bear growling or it sounded like some more wolves. I didn't want to kill any more wolves! King Arthur would've been disappointed with me if I didn't get the knife so I walked towards the growling noise.

I was walking towards a dead end. I saw a bright diamond pool. I went towards it. It was full of water. I slipped over some diamond rock and I fell on the ground and I saw a button. I pressed the button. The ground shook and when I looked up again there was a giant hand with the knife I was after in it coming from underneath the water. The growling noise got louder and louder as I walked towards the knife. The knife was making the growling noises! The knife was making the growling noises because it didn't want anyone to pick it up. I reached out and grabbed it.

As soon as I took the knife off the stone hand the ground cracked into two pieces. Underneath the ground were spikes and I did not want to fall. I saw a hole on the side of a wall and I crawled through it. I was on the edge of the mountain. Down below I saw King Arthur and the other knights. I climbed down the mountain.

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