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Chapter 2:
The Finding of Excaliber

As retold in the stories of Yin-Fung Chan, Martin Delaney and Amy Forrester, Jemma Halden, Kim Broadhurst, Mark Gerrard and Colin Harris.

I was riding on my horse, outside Camelot. As I was riding through the forest I came up by a fountain. Behind the fountain was a really rich tent. It was bright yellow, red, green and blue. I had never seen anything like it. I was just about to pass the tent when all of a sudden a knight in shiny armour stepped out.

"Nobody passes my tent without jousting with me, the great Sir Pellinore," he said to me. Sir Pellinore was strong, you could see by his big muscles. He had short brown hair and green eyes, green as grass. "Everybody who passes my tent must joust with me."

"You mustn't do that," I replied. I had banned jousting because it was too dangerous. "If I joust with you and I win you must stop jousting with people."

"All right," said Sir Pellinore.

So he got on his horse his horse and picked up his sharp spear. I got my spear. We charged noisily to each other. I could see the worried look on his face. When we hit each other with a great force our spears broke in two quite easily. Sir Pellinore, in his shiny armour, ordered his tall, brave knights to go and get another two sharp spears. One for him and one for me. When the knights brought the spears I chose one and he chose one. We carried on jousting with great force.

Later we were still fighting. We had broken five spears. Then he hit my colourful, bright shield with so much power he knocked my horse to the hard, rough ground. He had won. "I will fight with my sword," I said. We drew out our shiny new swords from our leather scabbards. Sir Pellinore's sword was a lot stronger than mine and he swung and hit and I fell. Clang! Sir Pellinore broke my sword in half. I saw Sir Pellinore's angry and annoyed face. I thought I was going to die .He was about to chop off my head with his sword when Merlin appeared.

Merlin told Sir Pellinore who I was. Sir Pellinore gasped. Then he said, "If I don't kill him now then he will surely kill me!"

I suddenly popped my eyes open when the knight fell on the ground. "Have you killed him?" I asked Merlin.

"No, but he will wake up in 3 hours. I only cast a sleeping spell on him."

Then we both went back to Camelot.

I said, "But I haven't got my sword because Sir Pellinore broke it."

We came across a river. All of a sudden my eyes stared at this big white hand appearing up out of the murky water. The hand had a sword in it. I got in a boat and rowed out to the centre of the lake. I took the sword off the hand. There was a message on each side of the sword. One of them said 'keep me' and one said 'throw me away'. I didn't know what that meant.

Merlin asked me, "Which would you have the sword or the scabbard?"

I said the sword.

"No you're wrong there," Merlin said, "It is a special sword but the scabbard is even more important because it protects you from blood coming out of your body".

The next day Sir Pellinore came to Camelot to say sorry. I said that I forgave him. He became very helpful to us all.

"Yes he was indeed helpful and we have been friends ever since, haven't we?" King Arthur asks the large, muscular knight.

"Indeed we have," replies the knight whose name is Sir Pellinore.

"Come now," says the king. "I've told my tale. Which of you will tell yours next?"

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