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Chapter 1:
The Road to Camelot

As told by the class.

The old stony castle stands tall and isolated on a crooked hill. The valley around it is very dark and spooky. The castle is gloomy and is very shadowy. The sky is dark and stormy. It is full of fighting colours. Maroon and violet mix. Amber squashes purple. Blue and pink merge. There is a red hot misty sunset. The lake is very calm and still like a mountain. It is dark sad shades of blue and black. The narrow snaky path slithers and slides up the steep mountain to the spiral towers of the castle.

You are standing at the bottom of the hill. The bushes at the beginning of the path are dark shades of green. You are going up the hill. You go past a tall stony tower. You go past a window in the castle. You look through it. You see a brave knight in his shiny armour practising his sword fighting.

Just then more knights enter the room. You walk around a narrow corner and suddenly find yourself at a gigantic rusty gate. You see two knights guarding each side of the gate. The two friendly guards let you straight past after searching you for weapons. As you enter the castle the portcullis comes down after you. You find yourself in a huge hall full of knights. The knights are eating around a wide table. You move towards the large table. The knights ask you if you would eat with them. You sit down. The knights ask you if you'd like to listen to the adventures they'd had. "Yes please, I'd like that very much," you say.

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You look around the table at the faces of the knights around you. Your gaze settles on the man seated directly opposite you. You notice that all the other knights are looking at him too.

"Sire," says Sir Lancelot, "As king, it is only fitting that you tell a tale first."

"Yes, I am king," says Arthur, "but when seated around my Round Table we all sit as equal men." "However," he continues, "I will do as you request. What would you like to hear about?"

Arthur looks at you but before you can answer a large, muscular knight asks, "Tell us how you got your sword, Sire."

"This?" said King Arthur, looking at the sword beside him. "I think that you, my friend, know already. However I'm sure that our visitor would find the tale interesting. Very well."

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